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Children's Party Cakes

Gluten-free party cakes, specially designed for children




Gluten free Elsa Princess Cake: layers of glutenfree, eggfree chocolate sponge, filled with goats butter chocolate buttercream, iced, and decorated with icing snowflakes. Delivery in London

Gluten-free Ninjago Cake: gluten free chocolate cake filled with organic  buttercream and covered with organic marzipan and sugarpaste icing. With handpainted golden dragon motif. All ingredients glutenfree

Sponge cakes made with gluten-free flour have a soft texture, and make an excellent layer cake. My standard party cakes are made up of two layers of sponge, made with organic butter, eggs and sugar.

Choose from: Vanilla (made with organic Madagascar vanilla extract), Chocolate (made with organic cocoa powder), Orange or Lemon (made with zests from organic fruit), or Chocolate-Orange. Filled with organic buttercream.

Dairy-free and egg-free cakes are also available.

Gluten-free Rainbow Cake. Filled with organic buttercream & covered with sugarpaste icing. Decorated with sugarpaste animals and flowers

Topped with rolled, sugarpaste icing (not organic). NB: Coloured icing contains permitted artificial food colours, and piped icing contains raw egg white from organic, free-range hens' eggs).

A limited selection of natural colours is also available.

Plain, iced cakes with simple piped message start from £50.00 for a 7-inch cake.

More complex designs start from £80.00.

Click here for fancy chocolate-covered novelty cakes.

Gluten-free, dairy-free Spiderman Chocolate Cake. Filled with dairy-free white chocolate buttercream & covered with sugarpaste icing
All my birthday cakes are freshly baked to your specifications. If there's a special flavour your child loves, or if you need a dairy-free or egg-free cake, or have any other dietary restrictions, do call so we can talk about what you need.

Telephone 020 7735 1444 or click here to submit enquiry

Marnie Searchwell gluten-free cakes

Gluten-free, dairy-free, flour-free Honey & Orange Cake, made with organic grounds almonds and extra-virgin olive oil. Covered with fondant icing and decorated with fondant butterflies & flowers. Delivered to Kensington, London


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