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Wedding Cakes

A unique, gluten-free cake for your special day

Click here to read more about my wedding cakes in the Wedding Secret's new Gluten Free Wedding Cake Guide




Gluten-free, dairy-free wedding cupcakes: Rich chocolate & almond cupcakes, made with organic Fairtrade dark chocolate and ground almonds and Appleton Jamaica Rum. Topped with dark chocolate ganache and dairy-free white 'chocolate' initials. Collection or delivery in London. All ingredients gluten free and dairy free

The perfect centrepiece for your glutenfree wedding: a fabulous white and gold painted wedding cake. All gluten-free, wheat-free and cows-milk-free,  made with goats butter. From the top: Dark chocolate, almond & rum, filled with dark ganache; Champagne & Raspberry; award-winning dairyfree Tunisian Orange & Almond; and Lemon Drizzle, all filled with Swiss meringue buttercream. All cakes covered with dairyfree white choc & goats cream ganache and finished with sugarpaste. All ingredients gluten free and cows' milk free. Price includes tasting consultation, and delivery and assembly at your London venue. Flowers by Photo by Hugh Kindred

A gorgeous four-tier summer wedding cake. Three tiers of gluten-free White Chocolate cake and a bottom tier of gluten-free, dairy-free Chocolate & Olive Oil Cake. Filled and frosted with white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream, and decorated with organic edible flowers, fresh blackcurrants and raspberry meringue kisses. All ingredients gluten free. Price includes tasting consultation, and delivery and assembly at your London venue. Organic edible flowers from

4-tier gluten-free, vegan wedding cake, made with organic ingredients. From the top: Lemon Cake, Dark Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake, Orange & Almond Cake. All made with gluten free organic ingredients, no animal products. Decorated with organic edible flowers from Wedding service includes tasting consultation and delivery and assembly at your London venue

A gorgeous 3-tier gluten free chocolate wedding cake. Reine de Saba (gluten-free Chocolate & Almond Cake with Appleton Jamaica Rum) for all three tiers. Made with organic ingredients. Frosted with organic Fairtrade dark chocolate ganache. All ingredients glutenfree

Glutenfree wedding: a fabulous gluten-free, wheat-free wedding cake. 3 tiers of award-winning, dairyfree Tunisian Orange & Almond Cake, and 2 tiers of dairy-free Chocolate & Olive Oil Cake. Filled and frosted with white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream, and decorated with organic edible flowers and chocolate truffles. All ingredients gluten free. Price includes tasting consultation, and delivery and assembly at your London venue. Organic edible flowers and foliage from

Gluten free Tiramisu Cupcakes for a winter wedding at the Painted Hall, Royal Naval College, Greenwich

Gluten-free midsummer wedding cake in the Great Conservatory at Syon Park. Two tiers of zingy Lemon Cake, and one of zesty Orange Cake. Semi-nude, filled and frosted with zesty buttercream. All the ingredients in this wedding cake are organic and gluten free. Decorated with fresh redcurrants, strawberries and raspberries, and raspberry and blackcurrant leaves

4-tier gluten-free Chocolate wedding cake. Two tiers of organic, gluten free White Chocolate Cake, and two tiers of Great Taste award-winning Reine de Saba, made with Appleton Jamaica Rum, glutenfree. All wedding cakes made with glutenfree, organic ingredients. Filled and frosted with Swiss meringue buttercream. Wedding service includes tasting consultation and delivery and assembly at your London venue

4-tier gluten-free vegan wedding cake. Two tiers of gluten free vegan Orange & Almond Cake, and two tiers of glutenfree vegan Dark Chocolate Cake, made with raw virgin coconut oil. All made with organic palm sugar, no refined sugars. Filled and frosted with vegan buttercream. Decorated with redcurrants, and organic edible flowers from For a Hindu wedding at Fennes, Essex

Cupcake wedding at The Secret Garden, Kent. Three flavours: zesty lemon, vegan chocolate, orange & almond. Topped by a vegan Banana & Peanut Butter Blondie cake for cutting. All ingredients gluten free. Decorated with fresh flowers from and sugar pearls & roses

My wedding service is 100% personal: you tell me what you want for your special day, and I'll do my very best to help you achieve it.


My gluten free wedding flavours

All my wedding cakes are made with the finest gluten free ingredients, organic wherever possible.

You could go for a moist sponge cake – you'll get three layers of sponge in each cake – made with gluten-free, organic ingredients, with buttercream filling. Choose a flavour! Favourites include Madagascar vanilla, lemon, chocolate, orange, coconut & lime, lemon & vanilla, chocolate & orange, vanilla & white chocolate, Red Velvet, and Carrot Cake.

If you'd prefer a rich fruit cake I have three recipes I'd recommend for a wedding, all made with organic fruit soaked in Appleton Jamaica Rum, so you get a fabulously moist, rummycake. All are made with gluten-free ingredients; my Luxury Jamaica Fruit Cake, a Great Taste Award winner, is dairy-free too. And my Luxury Vegan Fruit Cake is gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free.


Need a dairy free wedding cake?

If you need a dairy-free cake, you could go for a luscious, dark Chocolate & Olive Oil Cake, a moist and aromatic Orange & Almond Cake, or a sweet, damp Ginger Cake. All are made with gluten-free and dairy-free ingredients: if you prefer, you can have just one tall layer, without buttercream filling, or you can opt for two layers filled with dairy-free buttercream.

You can have your dairy-free wedding cake topped with soft sugarpaste icing (not organic) and organic marzipan, if you like. Or I can cover them with dairy-free buttercream. Naked cakes and semi-nude cakes are all the rage at the moment!


Or do you fancy a gluten free chocolate wedding cake?

If you love damp chocolate cakes, you might like a shallow-profile, dark chocolate Reine de Saba. Made with ground almonds, and a splash of Appleton Jamaica Rum (or coffee), this lightly sweetened, deeply chocolatey cake is covered with a luscious dark chocolate ganache. And it's a Great Taste award winner!

If you prefer a layered chocolate cake, I can make you a layered Reine de Saba, filled with chocolate ganache. Always a popular choice for chocolate lovers!

Dairy-free? My Chocolate & Olive Oil Cake is an excellent choice.


And if you need a vegan wedding cake ...

If you love moist fruit cake, my Luxury Vegan Fruit Cake is luscious and moist. It contains ground almonds, and it's gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free. I can make this cake for you with or without Appleton Jamaica Rum.

You could go for a sweetly soft and scrumptious vegan Chocolate Cake, made with gluten-free, organic ingredients, and filled with chocolate ganache.

Or if you'd prefer something more intense, my dark, rich vegan Dark Chocolate Cake, is made with organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil and Fairtrade cocoa powder, with just a hint of espresso, and frosted with sumptuous dark ganache made with organic 73% couverture and coconut butter.

Very popular with vegan brides last year was my vegan Carrot & Coconut Cake, made with coconut and pineapple, with chopped walnuts, and filled with dairy-free soya cream-cheese buttercream.

And I've developed a gorgeous new recipe for a gluten-free vegan Orange & Almond Cake, which has been a big success at vegan weddings over the past couple of years.


Of course, you could always have a cupcake wedding! Click here for some flavour ideas.


How will your cake look?

The simplest finish is a naked cake, with no frosting on the outside of the cake. Or you can go for a semi-nude cake, which I prefer. Partly because the skim coat of frosting on the outside of the cake will provide some protection for the cake while it sits out in the open all afternoon on your wedding day!

You can go for the full frosting, which is even better at protecting your cake. Swiss meringue buttercream is my favourite frosting – smooth and silky. And because it's made with egg whites, it's less sweet: the meringue makes up most of the volume of the frosting. You can have a smooth cake, or something with a bit more texture, if you prefer.

If you have a sweet tooth and love a really sweet icing, American buttercream is the frosting to go for. It's made with icing sugar and butter and a little milk, plus your chosen flavouring.

The ultimate protector is sugarpaste icing. I use the best sugarpaste around: Massa Ticino. Lovely smooth finish, and excellent taste too.

To decorate your summer wedding cake, the safest and most beautiful option is to use organic edible flowers. I always get mine from Jan Billington at Maddocks Farm Organics. She's the person who started the whole edible flowers thing. And her flowers are not only beautiful, and good for you – they're delicious too! Jan gets very busy in the summer months, so she needs to be booked early! Read more here.

Or if you want your cake to echo your floral arrangements, you can ask your florist to provide some extra, pristine blooms for the cake. However, florists' flowers have been treated with fungicides to make them last longer, so they're not a great option for use on a buttercream cake.

The range of fresh, organic flowers is more limited outside of the summer months. If you're getting married later in the year, fresh berries, redcurrants and cherries, figs & physalis are a lovely way to decorate your cake.


Planning your budget

Your price will take into account the flavours you choose and how lavish you want your cake to look. Prices start at £5.50 per wedding portion for a Vanilla sponge with plain American buttercream filling and frosting.

A wedding portion measures approx 1-inch x 2-inch x height of cake; an 8-inch round sponge cake will provide 24 portions.

If you're paying more than £300.00, you'll benefit from my full wedding service. This includes a tasting & design consultation and delivery and assembly at your London venue.

In the unlikely event that you decide, after your tasting, that you don't want me to make your wedding cake, there will be a £50.00 charge for the tasting.




All my wedding cakes are made with gluten-free ingredients.

Many couples like a different flavour in each tier: most of the tiered cakes in my photos are made up of a variety of flavours.

Click here to see more dairy-free, lactose-free and egg-free cakes.

So if you're looking for personal service, and a truly scrumptious 'free-from' Wedding Cake made and delivered with love and care, get in touch so we can talk about what you need.

Ideally I need at least four weeks' notice (more if you need a rich fruit cake), but I can sometimes squeeze in orders at short notice.


I look forward to hearing from you.

3-tier gluten-free vegan wedding cake for a wedding at The Barn in Tunbridge Wells. Vegan Carrot & Coconut Cake, vegan Chocolate Cake, and vegan Lemon Drizzle Cake. All filled and frosted with vegan buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers

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Marnie Searchwell gluten-free cakes

One gorgeous gluten free wedding cake: Rose & Pistachio, topped with lemon glacé icing and sprinkled with fragrant edible rose petals. All ingredients gluten-free, perfect for your glutenfree wedding






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