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Privacy policy

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (effective under UK law from 25 May 2018) requires all organisations to take steps to ensure that any personal data they hold is secure and not held for longer than is reasonable. This legislation applies to Marnie Searchwell Handmade Cakes and this document explains my policy and approach.

Why I hold your data

Marnie Searchwell Handmade Cakes holds personal data relating to its customers, as well as people who have made enquiries about cakes. I keep this data to:
- contact you about your order or enquiry
- inform you about seasonal cakes (eg Xmas or Easter) or special offers
- advise you about events I'm doing which you might be interested in attending.

My principles and practice

I do my very best to protect your privacy by holding the minimum amount of data to allow me to contact you. I do not share your data with other organisations.
I keep any such personal data on my password-protected desktop computer. This data is backed up on a password-protected hard drive, but will never be held on a portable device such as a flash drive, tablet or smartphone.

What information do I hold?

If you are paying for a cake by credit or debit card, I will take your card details, over the phone, in order to process your payment. I enter your card details and PIN into my machine: I never keep a written record of them.
​Once your payment is processed, I keep my paper copy of your card receipt in a locked filing cabinet.
I retain your name, email address and phone number, and your home and/or delivery address on file for at least 18 months, as generally advised.
I will never share any of your personal details or data with another company or organisation.

How I use your personal information

To communicate with you effectively and efficiently I use expert providers. This means that some data will be ‘exported’ to and held in organisations such as internet-based commercial communications service providers. My current provider is Data held by MailChimp (or other communication providers) is limited to names and email addresses. This information is password-protected and is accessible only by me.

How I obtain data

At present, I may obtain personal data via:
- my website and associated email account (
- paper-based sign-up forms
- sign-up 'subscribe' forms on MailChimp
- Instagram account
- Twitter account
- Facebook page
Access to my website, email account and MailChimp account is password-protected and I am the only person who can access these accounts. ​

Your rights

If you need to update the details I hold about you or want to change your preferences about how I contact you, please email me at and mark your email Data Protection.
If you have any questions or complaints about the way in which I am using your data please email me at and mark your email Comments and Complaints.

Publishing my policy

I will publish this Policy on my website and will give people the opportunity to ask to verify the data I hold for them and/or to have their details removed from my databases.

Policy review

This policy will be reviewed every two years. Next review May 2020.

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