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Novelty Chocolate Cakes

Fantastic decorated cakes, covered with organic chocolate




This gluten-free Chocolate Tank Cake is made with layers of organic, gluten-free chocolate sponge cake, filled with goat-milk buttercream. Frosted with dark chocolate ganache and decorated with chocolate biscuits and beans. Delivered by hand in London

Chocolate Battleship Cake, made with organic gluten-free chocolate sponge. Filled with chocolate buttercream and frosted with dark chocolate ganache. Decorated with glutenfree chocolate beans, sweets and biscuits. Delivered to Wimbledon

Every one of my novelty chocolate cakes is a unique creation: just tell me what you want and I'll devise a way to make your chocolate dream come true!

Each cake is made with organic, gluten-free sponge: flavours include Vanilla (made with organic Madagascar vanilla), Chocolate (made with Fairtrade organic cocoa powder), Orange (made with fresh, organic orange zest) and Chocolate-Orange.

I cut the cakes into blocks and use the pieces to build up the cake, using organic buttercream to hold everything in place.

Then I cover the cake with organic dark or milk chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Aeroplane Cake made with organic fairtrade gluten-free vanilla & chocolate sponge and covered in ganache, decorated with glutenfree chocolate beans. Hand delivery only, in London & the southeast

Finally, I add the decorations: sugar-coated chocolate beans and other chocolate sweets and biscuits. There are lots of gluten-free sweet treats and biscuits for decoration available. But please note – these may not be organic.

Price from £180.00

These cakes are fragile, so they are only available for delivery in London:
Delivery charge: £20.00 – £50.00, depending on location


Chocolate Train Cake, made with organic gluten free chocolate sponge and decorated with chocolate beans and biscuits. Delivered to Kennington, London

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Dairy free and egg free chocolate cakes also available: I can cater for most special diets, so do call or email so we can talk about what you need

Telephone 07801 737073 or click here to submit enquiry

Marnie Searchwell gluten-free cakes

Chocolate Digger Cake, made with organic fairtrade chocolate and decorated with chocolate beans and biscuits. Made with gluten-free chocolate cake. Made to order. Delivery in London


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